Tire Washing Facility Project


Fabrication & Install for 50m Stack Scrubber Steel Structure & Mechanical Work


Mechanical, Civil & Steel Structure Works M2-1 for Acid Plant Modification Project


President Director

about img Name : Mr. Kikuchi Minoru

Message from President Director

  • PT Hikari Teknologi Indonesia is a company that is engaged in the engineering, procurement and construction with core business in providing goods and services that are very specific to various industries in Indonesia, especially in the field of conveyor systems and machining work on a wide range of industries such as Oil and Gas, Production Facilities , plant Refinery, Power Plants, Cement, Mining and Petrochemical Industries.
  • Supported by experts who are Skillful and dedicated as well as well experienced professionals, PT HIKARI TEKNOLOGI INDONESIA has been fully commited to provide our clients to meet their need for project goals, throught the provision of reliable, innovative and competitive outputs with international standart.

Our Vision

Being the best company to serve customers in the field of general contracting, manpower supply, materials, & consumable supply.

Our Mission

Providing cost-effective, high quality and reliable. As well as providing the best service, trust together to build the nation.

Work Culture

In establishing a good relationship and the continued cooperation between the Company and employees and companies with the Customers, then the company will always instill moral values and good work culture, embodied in 6 Work Culture among others:


  • Behave honestly and responsibly
  • Delivering data / information in a transparent, timely and correct.
  • No misuse of office, authorities and assets of the Company.
  • The objective of looking at / assess any problems and be fair in implementing the obligations and rights.
  • Dare to convey and receive opinions.


  • Maintain a relationship of trust between leaders and subordinates
  • Develop an attitude of tolerance and flexibility in communication links between fellow employees and partners.
  • Uphold the ethics of business as a strong foundation in cooperation.


  • Meet all commitments to the parties concerned with the Company.
  • Meets all work plans and targets set by empowering the entire company's assets effectively and efficiently.
  • Discipline in running all the rules and adhere to company secrets.
  • Clinging to the contract and cooperation that has been agreed to.


  • Having a high fighting spirit and unyielding spirit.
  • Mobilising the full potential and effort in carrying out the duties and responsibilities.


  • Maintain the quality of the degree of excellence both in quality human resources and quality of work
  • Always work to improve the ability of professional and committed in performing their duties in order to reach maximum results and in accordance with the wishes of customers.


  • Becoming independent beings as well as active learners who contribute ideas for the advancement of the Company.
  • Proactively identify and prevent potential problems and be able to find solutions that are effective and efficient
  • Capable of improving the quality of products and services through the development of technology and construction methods are superior.

Our Skill

All of labor we are expert in their filed largely mastered the skills below

  • 70%
  • 80%
    Microsoft Project
  • 90%
    SAP 2000
  • 80%

Why Choose Us

Mr. Rito Karsito

Specialis Skill SAP 2000 to calculate Strenght of Building

Mr. Sujono

Specialis Autocad , Ms.Project & Professional contruction Analist

Mr. Ragil

Specialis Autocad , Ms.Project & Professional Quality Control

Mr. Fadly

Senior Supervisor

Our Clients